A Matter of Life & Death 2019


In May 2019 we brought you more high quality myth busting, conversation inducing, death themed events in partnership with old and new friends.

We kicked off the Festival with a sold out showing of A Life of Brian at the Electric Cinema a Movie Eat-Along presented by Conjurer’s Kitchen with delicious bites such as chocolate stones. 

A special showing at Birmingham Hippodrome of Orpheus and a bespoke story and tea themed evening was a feast for the senses. 

The talks and tours at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery were remarkably popular,  giving us food for thought as to how these type of tours could continue throughout the year. 

The Coffin works presented a stunning series of events with literature as well as night time tour and an academic day.

For the first time Sandwell Crematorium opened their doors and a steady flow of people came to peer behind the scenes, talk about services for human and animals as well as see the digital autopsy suite.

Of course we also had practical workshops so you can make sure you have all the information you need to plan the funeral you want.