Important Conversations

Sadly the events of 2020 & 2021 have meant that we’ve been unable to create any physical spaces to enable honest and open conversation.  However – since we’re a determined and tenacious bunch we haven’t let this deter us, and thanks to the wonders of technology we’ve been able to put together a programme of online conversations covering a range of topics.

So far we’ve invited you to join us to discuss the role of public art in connecting bereaved communities, and more recently whether laughter can help us in the grieving process.

The conversations have been free to join, lively and well attended and we hope to invite you to more over the coming months.

If you missed them you can watch them below, and also on our BrumYODO YouTube Channel.

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Artists Mohammed Ali and Luke Jerram in conversation with Orit Azaz exploring how Public Art Can Connect Grieving Communities.

Mohammed Ali & Amerah Saleh talk to Dr Nadia Khan about the intersections between their creative work and spiritual beliefs, and how they navigate the inevitable human experience of death and loss.

Anna Lock talks to Sarb Clare, Graham Callister and Marcie Porteous about the fundamental role that creativity plays in times of crisis.

Nikki Tapper from BBCWM talks to comedian Robin Ince and undertaker Carrie Weekes about the role laughter can play in the grieving process.

Diane Parkes talks to end-of-life doula Anna Lyons and funeral director Louise Winter about their new book, We All Know How This Ends