Birmingham Learning Marathon Showcase Evening

On Tuesday 22nd January from 6:30pm – 9pm, BrumYODO member Cassie is presenting her personal exploration of death, dying, life and hope through conversation, storytelling, arts, writing and research.

It’s part of the Birmingham Learning Marathon Showcase evening, when she will be alongside her 11 other peers sharing their individual learning journeys.

CassieOver the past six months Cassie and her colleagues, as the first Birmingham Learning Marathon cohort, have been working together to develop their learning journey.

Over this time they have explored their unique and personal Learning Questions through peer-led workshops and group challenges. Together as a group they have nurtured their questions and seen them all evolve and grow, and they now have a journey to share at an evening of celebration and demonstration.

This event will include performances, lightning talks, demonstrations and exhibitions, as they share their journey in a final celebration of the past six months of collective growth and learning.

For anyone who is curious about the world, for anyone who has a desire to search out new questions and maybe answer a few along the way. Cassie and her colleagues invite you to come along with open minds and hearts for conversation, presentation, and celebration.

Tickets and more information about the programme can be found here.