Lawyers involved in the preparation and execution of wills are classed as key workers as there are many more people wanting to make sure they leave valid wills in place and provide for their loved ones.
The government has set out clear guidelines as has the Law Society in how instructions can be taken and wills signed up to ensure protection  of both you and any witnesses.
Solicitors firms remain open and are ready to respond to your needs as quickly as possible. Please make sure in your urgency to make a will you give time to properly consider what you have to leave and who you want to benefit so that clear instructions can be given and arrangements made to get it signed up validly.
Solicitors May charge a little extra at this unprecedented time but will ensure everything is done correctly. They are also fully insured and will in all likelihood be able to come to you to sign everything up.
Do make sure you look for an indication that any lawyer you use carries with it professional accreditation for your own protection such as being a STEP member and/or SFE member.
Lis Whybrow, Silks Solicitors, STEP, SFE